Read about past students’ experiences in the UPrague Program!

Kirlos Haroun, Spring 2015
“Staying in Europe… No. Staying in the center of Europe… No. Staying in the most beautiful city in all of Europe for an amazing five months incomparably changed my life for the better! In concert with the most intelligent faculty of professors on the continent as well as a truly talented and supportive UPrague/ECES staff, this program has no equal. I traveled, learned, and grew beyond belief during my time in the Czech Republic. An experience I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone!”

Molly Shannon, Spring 2015
“Studying abroad through UPrague was THE best decision I’ve made in college so far. I had the opportunity to travel to ten different countries during my semester abroad, and Prague was by far my favorite city that I saw in Europe. The city feels like a scene from a fairytale, and walking through the cobblestone streets and staring up at the incredible, centuries-old architecture never gets old. There is so much history and culture in Prague, as well as great night life. You will never run out of things to do, and everything in the city is very affordable. Charles University is also a very prestigious university, and you can take classes in topics such as psychology, history, art, and more. Also, with no classes on Fridays, you have plenty of time to travel, and since Prague is centrally located in Europe, it is easy to get to any city on the continent! Most importantly, you will make lasting friendships and learn from the international people you meet in Prague and throughout your travels. I would give anything to be back in Prague, and I hope you make the decision to study abroad there!”

Simone Glickstein, Spring 2012
Major: Microbiology and Immunology
“UPrague has been one of the most invaluable experiences during my time at the University of Miami. The program’s location in Central Europe has put it at the heart of history and travel. Courses are tailored to a multitude of interests, while professors take students out of the classrooms and into the streets of Prague. After four months of immersion in a completely different culture, students feel like they truly studied abroad and connected with Prague!”

Meghan Lane, Spring 2011
Major: International Studies and Psychology
“One of the greatest treasures of the UPrague program was the time spent with Zuzana, our dorm mother. She has an incredible story to tell and has made our own cultural experiences in Prague richer. She takes students to operas and shows as well as taking students every Saturday to museums for less than a dollar. She even introduced me to some of my favorite cafes in Prague.”

Ashley Valdes, Spring 2011
Major: International Finance and Marketing
“The UPrague program was an unforgettable experience. You make lifelong friends and experience parts of the world you never thought you’d see. The memories I made while abroad will be with me forever and I doubt that many experiences will ever rival my time in Prague.”

Kevin Harrington, Spring 2010
Major: Marketing
“Whenever anyone asks me where to study in Europe, I always whole-heartedly suggest Prague.  I have no doubt that Prague was absolutely the best choice for me, and would be for most people.  It is an absolutely amazing city, and is perfect for students.  Even my friends who studied in other cities said they had the most fun while visiting Prague - ask around.  You will never run out of things to do, and more importantly, the funds to do them with.  One of Prague’s key benefits is how inexpensive it is, and when studying abroad, believe me, it makes a KEY difference.  In other cities, I talked to students who were very limited as far as what they could choose to do because of how expensive things were in their cities.  It’s usually a paradox because big cities often are more expensive, but Prague is an exception.  The culture is amazing and I learned so much about myself and the world in general from being there.  And UPrague is the perfect vehicle through which to study abroad.  It allows for the ideal mixture of structure and freedom that you would want in a study abroad program.  You quickly see how amazing and convenient the 4 pre-planned trips are.  Having the opportunity to go through these 4 cities with a personal tour guide every step of the way is unbeatable.  And it also helps you to see how you want to structure all of the trips that you take on your own.  UPrague is 100% the best choice if you are studying abroad in Europe, not because I’m biased, but because it really just is.  Do it!”

Sarah Pilchick, Spring 2010
Major: History and International Studies
“Participating in UPrague was undoubtedly the highlight of my college years. The classes were fascinating, the professors both interesting and extremely helpful, and Prague is one of the most beautiful (and ideally located) cities in the world. I wish I could have stayed forever.”

Amber Robertson, Spring 2010
Major: Media Management and Political Science
“UPrague is one of the least expensive programs offered through UM that includes travel to four countries through the Classroom Europe course. You meet amazing people at the university and learn a lot from your classes - film, economics, history. Prague is centrally located so you can travel around easily. When I went I had never even been to Europe before; now I can say I have been to 10 countries. UPrague opened my eyes to a lot of different cultures that I might not have encountered otherwise.”

Michael Gross, Spring 2009
Major: History
“My participation in the UPrague’s inaugural semester was by far one of the greatest experiences of my life. I chose to study in Prague for many reasons: it is centrally located, making it far easier to travel to other countries, the Czech culture is vastly unique, and because of the city’s rich history. Looking back on my time there I quickly realize that by taking advantage of everything Prague had to offer, I not only grew as a person but also saw things that I never imagined I would be able to. From Prague Castle to the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany, and to Auschwitz Concentration Camp in Poland, all of these places were just short train rides away, and yet the memories I gained from those trips will last a life time. Because of these reasons, I strongly recommend the UPrague program to anyone who is interested in a once in a life time opportunity to, not only grow as a person, but to also experience the World and an amazing culture.”

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