Charles University, Faculty of Arts

Charles University in Prague
Charles University, Faculty of Arts Charles University is the oldest university in Central Europe. The university was founded in 1348 by the Bohemian and Roman Emperor Charles IV. Originally it consisted of four faculties: arts, medicine, law, and theology. Today, Charles University is composed of 17 relatively independent and self-governing faculties. Over 42,400 students study at Charles University (including international students) in more than 270 accredited academic programs with 600 departments.  Unlike traditional campuses, Charles University is located all throughout Prague. UPrague students will be taking courses in the Main Building of the Faculty (School) of Arts. The optional courses are a part of the East and Central European Studies Program within the Faculty of Arts.

University Services

University Library
A new center in the library contains three study rooms with Wi-Fi access, a computer lab, group study rooms, self service copiers, and rest areas. Students may use this center to study and to use computers during the week.

Computer Labs
Students will have access to computer labs in the university buildings. Students may print, copy, and scan materials for a small fee.

Student IDs
All students will receive a Charles University student ID that provides discounts to local attractions and restaurants as well as access to university services.

Students may use the university cafeterias located throughout Prague.