The University of Miami is proud to offer UPrague, a semester on-location program located in the enchanting city of Prague, often described as one of the most beautiful and picturesque cities in Europe. Spared from the destruction and scars of war suffered by large portions of Europe, Prague’s architectural splendor has remained relatively unscathed, allowing students to experience daily life in a setting of pristine, old world charm.  Strolling the narrow lanes and cobblestone streets of Prague, students will experience a magical atmosphere that has been shaped over ten centuries.

In addition to its majestic architecture, students from around the world are drawn to Prague because it is a vibrant and exciting city that has emerged from the Communist era to reclaim its position as one of the Europe’s most important – yet still affordable - centers of culture. With countless art galleries, festivals, concerts, musical performances, poetry readings, and museums, as well as a buzzing social scene found in cafés, restaurants and outdoor marketplaces, there is no doubt that this is an exceptionally exciting time to study in Prague.

Students will have the opportunity to spend four months in a city steeped in history and culture while taking core courses designed by the University of Miami to enhance and enrich their experience. The crown jewel in the UPrague program is Classroom Europe, a travel course taught by former Czech Ambassador, Jiri Holub, which takes students to Poland, Germany, Greece, and Austria.

In UPrague, students are not confined to classroom walls; Europe is their classroom.

Program Highlights
  • Experience 5 countries in 1 program: Czech Republic, Poland, Germany, Greece, and Austria
  • Earn up to 19 credits
  • Study at the oldest university in Central Europe
  • On-site UM staff
  • Two excursions in the Czech Republic
  • University housing with 24-hour on-site residential support