Student Government's role on campus is to help create your U.

In order to accomplish this, SG has put forth an initiative to let you submit your ideas and make them a reality! The Suggestion Box lets you offer up your ideas to Student Government. We'll find the administrators to meet with and make it happen, and we even invite you to join us along the way in the process if you'd like.

With every idea submitted, we make three promises:
  • That your idea will be read and followed up with a personal email. We'll even meet with you in person to discuss your idea in detail if you'd like.
  • We'll read and discuss at least one student offered idea at every single Executive Meeting
  • No idea submitted will go unheard

    We want to make sure that you as a student have a voice to make the changes you want to see at UM.

    Submit your idea and we will respond as quickly as possible to every single idea sent to us.

    Please review our privacy statement relating to information we collect, choice/opt-out, and correction/updating of personal information before proceeding.

    Required questions are marked with an (*).
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    Please be sure to include your email so that we can contact you regarding your idea.