SG Elections Results Announced Thursday

February 20, 2014 — University of Miami —

Student Government election results were announced Thursday Feb. 20, 2014, at the UC Rock. In this semester’s election, 1951 students voted, which is 4% more than last Spring’s vote total.
The elected Executive Officers are:

  President: Alessandria San Roman (Unite the U)
  Vice President: William Herrera (Unite the U)
  Treasurer: Dariel Fagundo(Unite the U)

7 students were elected to the Student Government Senate:

  College of Engineering: Tomas Cacicedo
  College of Arts and Sciences: Bryon Hazzard and Austin Akira
  Commuter Students: Kristen Schlotzhauer, Eric Gonzalez, and Nicole Marcos
  School of Communication: Bruno Solari,

“The Elections Commission is pleased with the transition to our new voting system on OrgSync,” said Symon Rowlands, Elections Commission vice-chair. “Students found it easier to vote from their computers, leading to an increase in voter turnout.”

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