Student Government Spearheads ‘Orange Day’ at The U

February 06, 2012 —

Student Government (SG) asks the entire UM community to display their support for the University of Miami by wearing orange on Friday, February 17.
“Wear Orange” has become a “grassroots” tradition to energize the University and show our pride and our school colors.
On February 17, an exciting announcement will be made concerning the University’s future, and its potential for breaking through the top ranks of American universities.
The selected day is also important for our Hurricane Athletics program. At 7 p.m. on Friday night, the Hurricanes baseball team will host Rutgers University for the season’s home opener and on Saturday at 1 p.m., the men’s basketball team will play at the BUC in a critical ACC game against Wake Forest.
For these reasons, Student Government is asking UM students, faculty, staff, alumni and dedicated ‘Canes fans everywhere to support UM and show their pride by wearing orange on Friday the 17th.
“The upcoming weekend will be a great time to be on campus and celebrate all that the University is and will become,” said Brandon Mitchell, president of SG. “I am very eager to see fellow ‘Canes, students and otherwise, everywhere supporting this great university.”

Additionally, students wearing a UM orange shirt will receive 20% at the Rat from the hours of 12 to 3 p.m.

The wear orange initiative will be publicized through social media. SG has created a “WEAR ORANGE” event on Facebook ( and SG encourages UM fans on Twitter to use #CanesPride throughout the day to track support across the nation.

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