Student Government Takes Another Step Towards Transparency

February 29, 2012 —

Student Government (SG) will now be using iClickers during Senate meetings to record Senators’ votes on legislation. This change will allow UM students to have access to voting records of their representatives in SG Senate.

Vote totals will be kept in the SG office (UC 214) and will be available to any student with a valid cane card. The results, which will be updated on a bi-weekly basis, will allow students to view the individual votes of each Senator on each bill.

Allowing students to see each action brought before Senate and to view the vote totals on each will bridge the gap between students’ ideas and SG’s actions. Students will now have the ability to look at previous legislation and follow voting records of their respective Senators.

“This new level of transparency will show students how their Senators are voting on different pieces of legislation that come before us,” said Michael Kaplan, speaker of the Senate. “We are excited to see the impact this will make on student-suggested initiatives.”

To maintain transparency, SG welcomes any student who is interested in the goings-on of Senate to attend weekly meetings held Wednesdays at 4:30 pm in the University Center Ballrooms.

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