New Senators Elected Into Student Government

October 06, 2013 — University of Miami — Student Government Senate election results were announced October 3 at the UC Rock. 23 students were elected, with all but one seat filled. More students ran for Senate in this election than in almost any other election. The winners were:

College of Arts & Sciences Senator (Two seats available):
David Braka
Ishtpreet Singh

Commuter Senator (Three seats available):
Roly Calderin (Incumbent)
Megan McCrink
Daniel Narciso (Incumbent)

Eaton Residential College (ERC) Senator (One seat available):
Faith Desautels (Incumbent)

Freshman Class Senator (Two seats available):
Adam Levine
Connor Masterson

Frost School of Music Senator (One seat available):
Jacob Rudolph

Hecht Residential College (HRC) Senator (One seat available):
Jo Napolitano

Junior Class Senator (Two seats available):
Kelly Marie Castro
Emily York

Mahoney Residential College (MRC) Senator (One seat available):
Melissa Wyatt

Pearson Residential College (PRC) Senator (One seat available):
O’Shane Elliott

Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science (RSMAS) Senator (One seat available):
Grace Roskar

School of Business Administration Senator (One seat available):
Matt Getzoff

School of Communication Senator (One seat available):
Renee Pauline Perez (Incumbent)

School of Education & Human Development Senator (One seat available):
Sam Jazzo

Senior Class Senator (Two seats available):
Monica Bahamon
Jennifer Kesten

Sophomore Class Senator (Two seats available):
Nicole Brown
Brianna Hathaway

University Village Senator (One seat available):
Jared Payne

“Fall 2013 Student Government elections had a record number of candidates” said Election Commissioner J. Alexander Barletto. “The Elections Commission is proud to say that elections were once again free and fair for all students.”

No student won the seat of Stanford Residential College Senator and a runoff will take place. To win, a student needs to receive a majority of votes and none of the write-in candidates received a majority. Voting for the runoff is October 7 - October 9 and results are released on October 9.

The Student Media referendum passed, providing essential funding to The Miami Hurricane and WVUM.


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