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February 27, 2013 — University of Miami —

Applications for Fall 2013 courses are currently being accepted

Download an application at this link:

A new spark is beginning to catch on in universities across the nation: student initiated courses. These courses allow the student to take full ownership of their own education by teaching their peers about a subject of their choosing. As a result, the student-teacher delves deeper into their passion with the guidance of a faculty mentor. The students in the class also receive an in depth look at a topic not normally offered at UM. Student initiated courses are valuable to all parties involved, the students, the student-teacher, and the faculty, teaching a new topic from a new perspective.

Student initiated courses provide both students and faculty with new learning opportunities. The school of thought in education has slowly shifted in recent years. For a long period of time, the traditional school system believed a teacher lecturing at the front of a class with students attentively taking notes was the ideal way to teach higher education courses. However, now, it is more commonly held that students who take charge of their education benefit greater from it. Previous director of the Adult Education Association of the USA, Malcolm Knowles states that people who “take the initiative in learning… learn more things, and learn better than do people who sit at the feet of teachers passively waiting to be taught” (Knowles). Currently, the university system does not lend to students taking charge of their education.

The Process:
1. Student comes up with course idea
2. Secure a faculty sponsor
3. Develop syllabus and complete application
4. Submit application to Student Government
5. Top applications are referred to department chair or Dean for approval
6. Approved courses go to Faculty Senate for approval
7. Senior Vice Provost approval
8. Final approval by SACS on the course

Program Information:
- Class lectures are led by student
- Classes are solely credit/non-credit designation
- All grading will be done by the faculty sponsor
- Class will appear on myUM under Faculty’s last name

For additional information, please contact AJ Ricketts at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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