An Open Letter to the Student Body

February 06, 2014 — University of Miami —

An open letter to the student body,

Based on the results of a survey that was distributed to honors students, the Faculty Senate recently voted to phase out UM’s General Honors Program over the next four years with the intention of creating a new program in its place. While Student Government agrees that the former Honors Program needed to be updated, the decision to phase-out the program was reached before students were given the opportunity to provide their input.

As the voice of the student body on campus, Student Government felt there was a need to formally respond. On Wednesday, Senate passed legislation asking for increased cooperation and collaboration between students and administration in the future development of academic programs at the University of Miami.

This bill is just the first step in a long conversation with administration in an effort to affect academic policy at UM, and we hope you will join us in these conversations by reaching out to your Senators. Your input is instrumental and talking with your Senator is the best way to bring your concerns to our Faculty Senate student representatives. Senator contact information can be found at here.

To continue meeting the needs – academic or otherwise – of the student body, we are always working to improve our outreach efforts. But we know there’s more we can do; reach out to us via our website or social media to tell us what we can do to better represent you and your needs. Student Government is always looking for ways to improve student life at UM, and we look forward to hearing your ideas on how to make UM an even better university.

Bhumi Patel
Student Government President

This is the Bill that was passed in Senate:

ACTION # 14138           Category B


Authors: Matthew Piscitelli         Ishtpreet Singh
College of Arts and Sciences Senator   College of Arts and Sciences Senator

Sponsors:Phillip Fitzpatrick         Aaron Midden
Honors Students Association Senator     University Village Senator

Monica Bahamon         Brianna Hathaway
Senior Class Senator         Speaker Pro Tempore
Brandon Chaffee         Tommy Iglesias
College of Arts and Sciences Senator   Stanford Residential College Senator

Nicole Brown         Faith Desautels
          Sophomore Class Senator         Eaton Residential College Senator

Megan Pimentel         Daniel Narciso
          School of Architecture Senator             Commuter Senator

WHEREAS, the University of Miami encourages its students to strive beyond what is merely required of them in the classroom;

WHEREAS, every University of Miami student deserves the opportunity to extend his or her academic experience to the fullest;

WHEREAS, the University of Miami is undergoing a shift in academic standards and requirements by allowing students to explore their diverse interests;

WHEREAS, the University of Miami must preserve the ability of students to distinguish themselves through scholarship and rigor;

WHEREAS, communication between students and administration has been a cornerstone for the academic enhancement of the University of Miami;

WHEREAS, numerous academic changes have been recently implemented without significant student input;

BE IT RESOLVED that the University of Miami Student Government encourages the increased involvement of University of Miami students in the future development of academic programs.

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