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Interdisciplinary Advocate

In high school he organized efforts to provide personal items and other supplies needed by U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan and assist victims of the Indian…

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Speaker of the Senate
Jeffrey Sznapstajler

The Speaker of the Senate is responsible for overseeing the Senate as a whole. The Speaker presides over weekly Senate meetings and has the final authority on all Senate procedures. The Speaker is a non-voting member of the Senate. Any student who has paid his/her Student Activity Fee is eligible to run for Speaker of the Senate in the Spring semester following Spring elections.
Speaker Pro Tempore of the Senate
Ivann Anderson

In addition to maintaining voting rights as a Senator, the Speaker Pro Tempore oversees Senate committees and coordinates the Council of Chairs. Also, in the Speaker's absence, the Speaker Pro Tempore presides over Senate meetings. The Speaker Pro Tempore is elected from the current Senate in the Spring following Spring elections.
Kat McDonough

The Secretary of the Senate maintains current records for the use of the Senate and Student Government as a whole. Records include minutes of all Legislative meetings, attendance rolls, and voting records. The Secretary is a non-voting member of the Senate.
Aaron Gluck

The Parliamentarian of the Senate advices the Senate on issues related to the legality of Senate actions and procedures. All legislative meetings follow Robert's Rules of Order. The Parliamentarian is a non-voting member of the Senate.