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Eclectic Achievements

Soon busy with activities ranging from Model UN to running the scoreboard at volleyball games, he found himself especially intrigued by a freshman seminar…

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The Council of Chairs (COC) is charged with screening applicants to the Senate, advising the Speaker of the Senate in disciplinary cases, and reviewing updates to the Statutes and other Senate procedures. COC is comprised of the Speaker Pro Tempore of the Senate and the Chairpersons and Vice-Chairpersons of each of the following standing committees.
Academic Affairs
Chair: Sarah Betancourt
Vice Chair: Kristin Cilluffo
The Academic Affairs (AA) Committee is responsible for handling matters related to academic policies, programs and innovations.
University Affairs
Chair: Henson Destine
Vice Chair:
David Mejia

The University Affairs (UA) Committee is responsible for handling matters related to non-academic policies, programs and innovations.
Policy and Finance
Chair: Byron Hazzard
Vice Chair:
Charlotte Gerrity

The Policy and Finance (P&F) Committee is responsible for reviewing and revising co-sponsorship requests, consulting with the Student Government treasurer, and reviewing Student Government policies and procedures.
Public Relations
Chair: TBD
Vice Chair: Manish Kuchakulla

The Public Relations (PR) Committee is responsible for raising awareness for ongoing Student Government services, programs and initiatives.