The UOutreach Committee, formerly known as the Programming Committee, plans and executes campuswide SG events. This committee works on events like a fall speaker event, Spring Kickoff and more. The committee also has the flexibility to create new programs.

Logistics Coordinator
Heads day of show activities and reserves any locations for the event, organizes volunteers, arranges for audio/visual technology, and ensures the entire program is planned from start to finish.

Marketing Coordinator
Works with the Student Government Press Secretary and creates marketing campaigns and promotional materials for events.

Outreach and Sponsorship Coordinator
Invites organizations to participate in events, seeks out and follows through with sponsorships, works with the Marketing Coordinator to include sponsors’ logos on promotional material, and works with the Student Government Treasurer to ensure sponsorship money has been received.

Freshman Leadership Council Programming Coordinator
Works with the Freshman Leadership Council to develop and execute FLC programs and heads the planning of the Spring Kickoff event.