Brianna Hathaway

Leads 120 members of SG working on 6 branches on campus wide initiatives and programming, acts as student representative to the faculty, administration, Board of Trustees, and Coral Gables City Commission

Vice President
Ishtpreet Singh

The head of the Freshman Leadership Council and steps in for the President when necessary

Robert Renfro

Manages and executes the budget of a majority of Student Government’s branches

Chief of Staff
Zoe Kafkes

Supervises the Campus Liaison Council and manages all Presidential appointments both internal and external to Student Government

Executive Secretary
Liat Cohen

Maintains minutes of SG proceedings, processes correspondence including agendas/notices for meetings, and maintains records of attendance

Executive-at-Large Internal
Aalekhya Reddam

Responsible for facilitating communication between the branches of Student Government and arranging SG-wide events

Executive-at-Large External
Beja Turner

Responsible for planning and coordinating campus-wide Student Government programs and overseeing the UOutreach Committee

Director of Communications
Renee Pauline Perez

Oversees all Student Government promotional and marketing efforts and manages general and press inquiries regarding SG activities

Category 5 Chair
Nick Kaleel

Oversees Category 5, the spirit programming board

ECO Chair
Nika Hosseini

Oversees Energy & Conservation Organization (ECO)

Elections Commission Chair
Aqeel Khanani

Oversees Elections Commission