The Executive Branch of Student Government works with administrators to create and put into effect new initiatives and ideas on campus.
Executive Board
The Executive Board forms the core leadership group of Student Government. It consists of three officials elected by the student body (president, vice president and treasurer), their five appointees and the leaders of the other branches of Student Government. This group meets weekly to set guiding policies for Student Government, to work on campuswide projects and to ensure that all parts of Student Government are on the same page.

Contact: Renee Pauline Perez (Director of Communications),
Freshman Leadership Council
Members of the Freshman Leadership Council gain hands-on experience in completing projects and initiatives to enhance student life on campus. They are also paired with an older SG member as a mentor. FLC members regularly meet with campus administrators and other members of SG to complete their projects.

Contact: Ishtpreet Singh (Vice President),
UOutreach Committee
The UOutreach Committee plans and executes campuswide SG events. This committee works on events like a fall speaker event, Spring Kickoff and more. The committee also has the flexibility to create new programs.

Contact: Beja Turner (Executive-At-Large External),
Campus Liaison Council
The Campus Liaison Council fosters communication between various areas of campus and SG. Liaisons regularly communicate relevant SG projects and initiatives to their respective administrative departments and serve as the student body representative to those departments. Two liaisons work with each area of campus. The areas that the Council works with are: Auxiliary and Dining Services, Campus Facilities and Security, Health and Wellness, Information Technology, Library, and Parking and Transportation.

Contact: Zoe Kafkes (Chief of Staff),