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Interdisciplinary Advocate

In high school he organized efforts to provide personal items and other supplies needed by U.S. soldiers in Afghanistan and assist victims of the Indian…

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Energy & Conservation Organization (ECO) determines and implements sustainable initiatives to “green” the U. They are inspired by our students, faculty, campus, the local environment and current green choices being made globally.

ECO’s vision is to build an environmentally friendly campus, promote green habits, educate and further awareness of environmentally-friendly practices, and to have fun, live big, and be green.
Sustainability Scholarship Competition
Have you ever thought of a way to reduce the carbon footprint on campus? Tell us about it and have opportunity to win prize money!
Sustainability Certificate
Interested in gaining knowledge and skills for implementing positive change through environmentally responsible practices in various fields? Learn more about earning a Sustainability certificate here. If interested in applying, contact the Director of the Ecosystem Science and Policy Department Gina Maranto.
ECO Chair
Nika Hosseini
ECO Vice Chair
Lindsey Slavin
Board Members
Derek Sheldon

Harry Zucker

Josh Lomot

Kristin Butler

Melissa Wyatt

Meredith Frost

Rachel Medaugh

Samantha Olson

Savannah Geary