Category 5 is the Spirit Programming Board focused on preserving and implementing traditions related to sports and spirit at the University of Miami. It represents the student body and is the link between the Athletic Department and the students. Category 5 focuses on improving the in-game experiences for students to promote love of Alma Mater and cultivate supportive, notable and fun student sections. Through student-to-student communication, watch parties, giveaways, away trips, and events hosted in conjunction with Athletics, Category 5 aims to foster an infectious culture within the student body dedicated to supporting our ‘Canes. GO ‘CANES!
Category 5 Chair
Nick Kaleel
Category 5 Vice Chair External
Candice Johnson
Football Chairs

Jacob McCallister

Kierin Mukerjee
Basketball Chairs
Adam Schmidt

Natalie Muniz
Olympic Sports Chair
Gabriel San Roman
Baseball Chair
Blake Maune
Marketing Chair
Alina Zerpa
Graphic Design Chair
Victoria Kohl

Holly-Ann Kogachi