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"We the students of the University of Miami, in order to:

  • Provide a forum for the expression of student views and interests
  • Foster greater educational standards, facilitates and teaching methods
  • Maintain academic freedom, academic responsibility and student rights
  • Engender multicultural and multinational understanding and fellowship at the student level
  • Actualize the rights and responsibilities of students to the university, the community, and humanity
  • Enlighten and further student cultural, social, and physical welfare

Do ordain and establish this Constitution for the Student Government of the University of Miami."

Student Government is divided into three branches: Executive, Legislative (Senate) and Judicial. There are also three agencies that operate as part of Student Government. Category 5 (Cat 5) works with UM Athletics and is the spirit programming board of Student Government. Environmental Conservation Organization (ECO) builds an environmentally friendly campus through student-led initiatives. The Elections Commission is responsible for coordinating and officiating free and fair Student Government elections.

Student Government plans and implements campus-wide initiatives, affecting academics, campus life, dining, and so much more. Learn more about what we're up to at our Initiatives page.