• Lunch with the President

    Lunch with the President

    Want a free lunch with Bhumi?

    Students can apply for a free lunch at the Rat with President Bhumi Patel. Lunches will be on Friday afternoons twice a month, and one or two students will be selected for each lunch.

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  • Student Government Initiatives

    Student Government Initiatives

    We're always working on ways to make campus better. Click here to see the list of initiatives we are working on

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  • Find your Senator

    Find your Senator

    Learn how you are represented in SG

    Senators represent every student on campus to the rest of Student Government and to Administration.

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  • SG Calendar

    SG Calendar

    Check out all the different SG events

    Student Government has a lot going on! Refer to our calendar to see what we are up to.

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  • Get Involved

    Get Involved

    Find out how to get involved in SG

    There are many different ways to get involved in SG and we always have new opportunities!

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