Starting a Project
Working with our office is easy. To initiate a project, please complete and send the online job requisition form or contact us and we’ll send you a PDF of the form. Upon our receipt of the completed form, we’ll quickly be back in touch with next steps. If you’d prefer to begin by meeting with us to discuss your project requirements, please call Todd Ellenberg, assistant vice president for communications, at 305-284-6047.

Baseline Services and Scheduling
To serve the needs of areas throughout the University that require high-quality services, we have job initiation deadlines to help schedule and manage the department’s workload. Depending upon the office’s workload at any given time, we may not be able to accept jobs that are not within these guidelines.
Baseline services on a job include no more than three design options, an initial proof, and two sets of revisions per job.
The client must adhere to the production schedule that will be provided shortly after meeting with their office to initiate the job. Also, the client must provide all content (copy and art) and a department account number at that time. If the client does not adhere to the production milestones, a change of the job’s completion/delivery date may be required.

We appreciate your cooperation so University Communications can best serve the needs of academic and administrative units throughout our institution.


Category                                                       Job Initiation                                               
Large brochures/mags  (12+ p)                 16 weeks in advance of delivery                          
Medium brochures  (8-12 p)                       12 weeks in advance of delivery                          
New newsletters                                          10 weeks in advance of delivery                          
Websites                                                        8 weeks in advance of completion                      
Animated e-cards/e-blasts                          8 weeks in advance of delivery                            
Newsletters, small brochures (up to 8 p)             8 weeks in advance of delivery                            
Email newsletters                                        6 weeks in advance of delivery
Logos, visual identity                                  6 weeks in advance of delivery
Invitations, postcards                                  5 weeks in advance of delivery                            
E-Blasts/e-vites                                            2 weeks in advance of delivery                            
Ads                                                                 2 weeks in advance of delivery                            

Typical Project Milestones
Project initiated (via phone call or job requisition form)

  • Client meeting (unless the project is a recurrence of a previously established one) to review goals, considerations, budget, etc. We work closely with clients from outset through completion to ensure
  • Production schedule developed based on elements of the project and your desired delivery date.
  • Estimate provided, based on quantity, format, size, etc.
  • Copywriting and/or editing: Our expert writers will edit your copy or develop new copy that reflects your messages in clear, compelling prose.
  • Copy approved.
  • Graphic/photo search/development: The Office of Communications and Marketing maintains a vast inventory of high-quality photos. If we don’t have just the right image(s) on file, we can schedule a custom photo shoot.
  • First proof of your project delivered for your review, either via hard-copy proof or, if the project is small and the time frame is tight, possibly as a PDF file.
  • Client review/feedback: Once you have circulated the project to colleagues as needed and compiled feedback, we request that a marked-up copy of the proof be returned, along with an electronic file of any significant additions/changes to copy.
  • Second and third proofs are circulated, with client changes incorporated and review/feedback then provided, as above.
  • Final quote and confirming proof provided upon approval.
  • Project shipped to print (Office of Communications and Marketing reviews blueline printers’ proofs).
  • Copies delivered to your specified address (may include a partial delivery if yours is a large print run and a smaller number of copies are needed for a particular event).