How much will my project cost? 
The Office of Communications and Marketing was formerly a chargeback department of the University of Miami, but as of June 2011 we no longer charge for our baseline creative and/or production services. The department now handles more than 400 jobs per year, providing editorial, creative, consulting, and project management services to academic and administrative units throughout the University.

Any external services contracted for a job—for instance, printing, photography, or freelance writing or design—will be billed to the client by our department.

To equitably and efficiently serve the needs of areas throughout the institution that require high-quality services, we have instituted a series of job initiation deadlines to help schedule and manage our workload. In addition, our baseline services include the provision no more than three design/layout options, an initial proof, two sets of revisions (not redesigns), and a final confirming proof per job.

How long will my project take?
Each project is unique, so it is difficult to say exactly how long yours will take until we have a chance to review and discuss your project with you. In addition, while your project may not seem overly complex, it’s worth remembering that we are doing multiple projects at any one time for various University clients, so the more lead time you can provide us, the better.

The job initiation deadlines listed below help accommodate scheduling and workflow. Depending upon the office’s workload at any given time, the unit may not be able to accept jobs that are not within these guidelines.

In order to meet the targeted delivery date, the client must adhere to the production schedule that will be provided shortly after meeting with their office to initiate the job. Also, the client must provide all content (copy and art) and a department account number at that time. If the client does not adhere to the production milestones, a change of the job’s completion/delivery date may be required.
The following are job initation deadlines:

Category                                                       Job Initiation                                               
Large brochures/mags  (12+ p)                 16 weeks in advance of delivery                          
Medium brochures  (8-12 p)                       12 weeks in advance of delivery                          
New newsletters                                          10 weeks in advance of delivery                          
Websites                                                        8 weeks in advance of completion                      
Animated e-cards/e-blasts                          8 weeks in advance of delivery                            
Newsletters, small brochures (up to 8 p)             8 weeks in advance of delivery                            
Email newsletters                                        6 weeks in advance of delivery
Logos, visual identity                                  6 weeks in advance of delivery
Invitations, postcards                                  5 weeks in advance of delivery                            
E-Blasts/e-vites                                            2 weeks in advance of delivery                
Ads                                                                 2 weeks in advance of delivery     ‘

When you initiate a project with our office, we will create a production schedule based on the parameters of the project and your deadline. As we work on your project, we will keep you apprised of our progress and alert you of any factors that could affect delivery of your project. You can help to expedite your project by reviewing and circulating proofs and returning feedback in a timely fashion.

What if I don’t have all the photographs and visuals we need?
The Office of Communications and Marketing has an extensive collection of photographs taken around the University, from candid shots of campus life to carefully composed photographs depicting scientific and medical research. When you hire us to work on your project, we can evaluate whether some of these existing photos would be appropriate for your project. If additional photography is needed, we can arrange and schedule a photographer; we have ongoing relationships with several photographers who offer different types of expertise and competitive rates. Our team of designers can also design graphs, charts, and other elements your project may require.