The Atlantic Coast Conference (ACC) Meeting of the Minds conference is held each spring and is hosted by one of the 12 ACC member schools.  It is funded in-part by revenue from athletic events.  The conference celebrates undergraduate research and provides an opportunity for sharing of ideas and collaboration.

ACC member schools include:
Boston College, Clemson University, Duke University, Florida State University, Georgia Tech, University of Maryland, University of Miami, NC State University, University of North Carolina, University of Notre Dame, University of Pittsburgh,University of Virginia, Virginia Tech and Wake Forest University.

UM undergrads are invited to apply to present their research project at the conference. 
Applicants will need to provide:
-A completed APPLICATION
-A faculty letter of support (project does not have to be completed at UM, but letter of support from the faculty mentor for project is required).
-An Abstract
-Short paragraph describing how attending the ACC MOM is important in obtaining your career goals.

Selected students will meet with the program director during scheduled evening/weekend sessions to prepare for the conference.  Attendance to these meetings is a requirement for attending the conference.  Students may also be required to change their presentation format based on conference needs. 

At the conference, the students will not be expected to provide a formal talk with their poster – they will be expected to stand with their poster for about an hour or so and talk to anyone who comes up about their work.  For PowerPoint presentations, the length of the presentation is usually 10 minutes maximum, followed by a short question and answer period.

The audience will primarily be the other participating ACC students – they will be from a large variety of disciplines, so the students should prepare to be able to speak to both students in their field and outside their field as well as attending faculty and administrators from the ACC schools.

More more information, contact the office at