dr gaines
Michael S. Gaines, Ph.D.
Assistant Provost, Professor of Biology

Michael Gaines received his master's and doctorate degrees in ecology from Indiana University. After 22 years on the faculty of the University of Kansas, he became Chair of the Department of Biology at UM in 1992. In 2004, he left the Chair in order to concentrate on undergraduate and community outreach programs as Assistant Provost. Besides teaching courses in introductory biology, research ethics, and research design for undergrads, Dr. Gaines directs and serves as campus coordinator for multiple research and community outreach programs. Dr. Gaines' scientific interests focus on the ecological genetics of endangered small mammal species in South Florida.
dr janos
David P. Janos, Ph.D.
Associate Director, Professor of Biology

David Janos received his master's and doctorate degrees in Botany from the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor).  He was a post-doctoral fellow of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama for four years before joining the University of Miami faculty in 1979.  Since 2002, he has collaborated with Dr. Gaines to write grant proposals for research training of underrepresented, underserved minority students.  He is a mycologist, ecologist, and tropical biologist who investigates the effects of beneficial, root-inhabiting fungi on plants including those with importance for agriculture or forestry.
Jane Indorf, Ph.D.
Post Doctoral Associate

Jane Indorf received her bachelor’s degree in ecology and conservation biology from Boston University and her Ph.D. in evolutionary biology and population genetics from the University of Miami. She began teaching and doing research as an undergraduate and, as a graduate student, mentored undergraduates in research. Dr. Indorf is interested in both biological research and education; she is pursuing a career in which she can combine both passions and apply them to life science curriculum development and conservation biology. Her research interests are speciation, phylogeography, and molecular ecology. She has worked on many study systems including ducks, small mammals of the Southeastern U.S. and Australia, and snapping shrimp.
Maria J. Robertson, B.B.A. '04, M.A.L.S. '11

Maria received her Bachelors in Business Administration and her Master of Arts from the University of Miami. Maria is a Miami native and worked in the corporate sector before beginning her career at UM.