Program Information

A large part of what a scientist does is design and conduct his/her own research program.  The Department of Biology at the University of Miami offers an Undergraduate Research Training Program funded by The Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI).  The objective is to expose underrepresented minority students to research and let them enjoy scientific discovery.  The long-term goal of the HHMI program is to encourage students from the underrepresented minorities to enter research careers in the biomedical sciences.


-Program is open to underrepresented minorities who are UM first-year students
-Top 5% of graduating class and/or SAT score of 1100


Freshman Year
1. Major in STEM field at UM
2. Enroll in BIL 113 (Topics in Biomedicine I) and BIL 152 (HHMI Lab) in the fall semester; BIL 114 (Topics in Biomedicine II) and BIL 162 (HHMI Lab) in the spring semester

Sophomore Year
1. Attend monthly program meetings with program director
2. Enroll in BIL 374 (Responsible Conduct of Research) for the fall semester; BIL 258 (Core Laboratory Techniques) and BIL299 (Seminar in Research Problems) in the spring semester

Junior Year
1. Attend monthly meetings with the program director
2. Enroll in BIL 495 (Independent Research) and BIL 496 (Independent Research) in the fall and spring semesters, respectively, or substitute BIL 371 and BIL 372 (both Read in Biology courses)
3. Complete an extramural summer internship by the senior year at a university located outside of Florida

Senior Year
1. Attend monthly meetings with the program director
2. Enroll in BIL 499 (Research Colloquium) plus a 500 level course
3. Enroll in BIL 498 (Senior Thesis; writing credit) and submit a research paper
4. Give a poster presentation at the Research Creativity and Innovation Forum (RCIF) in the spring
5.    Complete at least two semesters of research by the end of senior year
6.    Complete the major and earn a B.S. degree in 4 years (unless there are extenuating circumstances)

Students selected into the program must also meet the following requirements:

1. Apply yearly for federal state, and institutional financial aid

2. Maintain full-time student status (minimum 12 credits per semester)

3. Follow the requirements and specified courses of the UM Biology Honors Program or Neuroscience Program

4. Maintain a least a 3.0 cumulative GPA. (Students with a cumulative GPA below 3.0 will be placed on probation and will have one semester to raise the cumulative GPA to the required 3.0 minimum)

HHMI Application Form