The Office of Undergraduate Research places hundreds of University of Miami undergraduate students each year with dedicated research mentors.  We currently have students that are seeking research experience.  Students apply at the beginning of each semester that they are seeking research in order to provide current schedules and grades. 

Most seek non-pay positions in order to gain valuable research experience.  Some are interested in working for credit.  If they work for credit, they must register for a credit class after seeking approval from the class professor.  As the research mentor, you will be asked to provide a grade for the student’s research work at the end of the semester to the class professor. If you have funding available in your department, you may decide to pay the student for their research work.  A student may work for credit or pay, but not both.

Once you confirm your interest in becoming a Mentor, our office screens the student applications for a suitable match.  We choose students that have expressed an interest in your field on their application. We then send you the student’s resume, research application and unofficial transcripts. You may then contact the student(s) you would like to interview directly or you may ask us to contact the student on your behalf.

As a mentor, you (or your designated assistant or colleague) would be required to supervise the student who will be working on a research project of your choosing.  Some mentors have the student work on an individual research project, while others have the student assisting in a current research project. The type of research the student will perform, and the hours the student is required to serve are completely up to you.

Your department will be responsible for providing them with access to the building, etc.  Please notify the appropriate administrative staff, HR liaison, or program coordinator for your department to ensure that the proper departmental procedures are followed. Because they apply through our office, these students do not go through Faculty Affairs for volunteer paperwork.  The final step is for you to complete the Environmental Health and Safety Checklist that our office will send you once you confirm placement. 

Please contact the office manager at 305-284-5058 if you have any questions or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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