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The UM in DC Program is a semester long program housed on the campus of American University, offering courses taught by University of Miami and American University professors. Students will enroll in 15 credits as full time non-degree-seeking students at the University of Miami.

Courses will include a 6 credit UM faculty-led course. A series of 3 courses totaling 9 academic credits will be taught by American University professors: Mentored Field Practicum, College Writing and an elective.

The approximate cost for this one semester program will include tuition and fees, residence hall, meal plan and student health insurance fee. The cost of tuition is paid directly to the University of Miami. Fees, residence hall, meal plan and health insurance are paid directly to American University. Student Health Insurance may be waived if student is covered under another plan. All students MUST complete a waiver form to avoid this fee. (Not included are books, transportation to Washington D.C., transportation to seminars and mentorship office, social and cultural activities, and transportation for trips during vacation periods.)

Please note that no scholarships or financial assistance will be available. UM in DC is a University of Miami program. Students enrolled in the UM in DC Program will not be permitted to transfer to American University at the conclusion of the semester.