Russia in the World: Fall Course in St. Petersburg, Russia

IGS 599 Section 03
Dates: TBA
3 Credits
Open to Graduates and Undergraduates
On location in Russia
Professor: TBA

Address Russia’s relations with the USA, EU, church, Islam, LA, and global civil society. Begin your studies on Blackboard and continue them on site in St. Petersburg, Russia. This course features lectures by faculty from the prestigious St. Petersburg State University School of International Relations as well as Russian experts and diplomats. Lecture locations include the Smolnyy Institute the Mariinskiy Palace which houses the legislative assembly and the St. Petersburg State University. All lectures and presentations are in English.

Note: In addition to tuition, students also pay for their airfare, meals, admission to cultural programs, and housing.

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Exchange Program

The Saint-Petersburg State University Exchange Program
School of International Relations


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1/3 Smolny st.,
Entrance VIII
St. Petersburg, Russia 191060

The Saint-Petersburg State University, founded in 1724, is considered to be the oldest University in Russia. The School of International Relations, opened in 1994, is one of the youngest divisions of the University. The School became the first academic institution in Post-Communist Russia where young professionals in the field of International Relations and Area Studies get their skills and knowledge.

Courses offered in English in St Petersburg
(please check with MAIA Director or the St Petersburg advisor)

Courses with a Russian focus
Russian Economy: Transformation and Integration Into World Economy: Evstafiev Dmitry S.
Russia and European security: Natalia G. Zaslavskaya
Decision-making in Russian Foreign Policy: Tkachenko Stanislav L.
EU-Russian Relations: Tatiana A. Romanova
Russia in Globalizing World: Dmitri A. Lanko,
Russia and European Union: Katsy Dmitri Vasljevich,
European Union and New Independent States (Belarus, Moldova, Ukraine): Katsy Dmitri Vasljevich

General IR courses with no direct equivalent in MAIA
History and Methods of International and Area Studies: Natalia G. Zaslavskaya
Behaviorist Approaches in IR and Area Studies: Dmitri A. Lanko
International Political Economy: Tkachenko Stanislav L.
Diplomacy: Tsvetkova Natalia Alexandrovna
The International Relations Terminology: Olga Tserpitskaya

Visa and Insurance:
Students are responsible for securing their study visa for the Russian Republic prior to their enrollment. The Coordinator for International Affairs at St. Petersburg State University will assist students in applying for the required visa at the Russian Embassy/Consulate in their home country by supplying the supporting documents as requested (pre-filled application forms for long-term residence, Letter of Acceptance, the confirmation of guaranteed accommodation in Prague). Students should check with their insurance office to determine whether their insurance will cover them during their stay in St. Petersburg. Students using UM-United Health Care may call the customer care office at 1-800-436-7709 or visit

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For more information please contact the Study Abroad Office at or call 305-284-3434.