Exchange Program: Czech Republic


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The Law School in Prague offers English language courses in the following fields:
• International Law
• European Union
• Human Rights
• Environmental Law

These courses are part of a European education program under the auspices of Socrates: European Community Action Program

MAIA students can take up to three of the ten courses listed in bold script as MAIA program electives. Other courses offered in English at the Law School in Prague can be found at:

Courses are available either in spring or fall semester (as indicated) and are offered at:

School of Law
Charles University in Prague
nám. Curieových 7
116 40 Praha 1
Czech Republic

Prague elective courses:
All courses are taught in English and consist of lectures and seminars. Participants are required to attend all classes and are expected to adequately prepare for their class sessions. There is an obligatory reading load of between 100-200 pages per course. Background material (lecture notes, statutory and treaty provisions, cases and other relevant legal texts) is distributed to all participants, or is available in the faculty library. Courses are taught by distinguished academics from the Charles University in Prague and some other European universities, as well as judges and leading lawyers.  Student performance is evaluated in each course and credits are awarded on the basis of contact hours and classes successfully completed. There are both written and oral exams. Courses in Czech language are offered free of charge.

The brand new law library, located in the Law School building, is the most extensive and modern law library in the country. It stocks a wide range of specialist periodicals, journals, monographs and textbooks, both Czech and foreign. The library is open from 9 a. m. until 8 p. m. during weekdays and from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. on Saturdays. Personal computers with up-to-date software, access (with special personal password) to the Internet and the EU database CELEX on CD-ROM are also available. The European Documentation Centre is also located near Charles University. Students have free access to e-mail and several Czech legal databases (ASPI, JURIS, LEXIS), the European information KNOWEUROPE service, the Czech National Bibliography and Index to Foreign Legal Periodicals.
The Faculty of Law frequently holds public lectures given by distinguished guests, and international symposia open to the whole academic community. Visits to the Czech Supreme Court and the Constitutional Court in Brno, the Czech Bar Association, law firms or to the historical sites and places of interest, etc. will be a consistent part of the program. Additionally, there are other in-door facilities in the faculty building ready for use, such as a fitness and sport center.

Students participating in the program are responsible for their housing costs.  The approximate fee for room and board is one thousand dollars ($1,000).

Lodging Options

MAIA Housing Recommendation at Charles University (Request 3rd or 4th Floor for Internet Access)

Off Campus Lodging Options

Admission Requirements:
MAIA students are admitted to courses in Prague with the permission of the MAIA faculty. No other requirements, such as prerequisite courses, are necessary.

Visa, Accommodation and Insurance:
Students are responsible for securing their study visa for the Czech Republic prior to their enrollment. The Faculty of Law will assist students in applying for the required visa at the Czech Embassy/Consulate in their home country by supplying the supporting documents as requested (pre-filled application forms for long-term residence, Letter of Acceptance, the confirmation of guaranteed accommodation in Prague). All the dormitories which Charles University uses to house its foreign students meet European university standards. Each offers bedrooms with 1-2 beds and an in suite bathroom, a canteen on site where breakfast and dinner are served, as well as bars, social and leisure facilities. Those who would prefer to find private accommodations can choose from a wide variety of options on the market. There is also a canteen located in the Law School building for lunch. Students should check with their insurance office to determine whether their insurance will cover them during their stay in Prague.  Students using UM-United Health Care may call the customer care office at 1-800-436-7709 or visit

For more information please contact the Study Abroad Office at or call 305-284-3434.