Latin America in the World: Summer Course in Buenos Aires, Argentina

IGS 599 Section 03
Dates: TBA
3 Credits
Open to Graduates and Undergraduates                                              
On location in Argentina
Professor:  TBA                                                                                                

Address Latin America‚Äôs relations with the USA, LA, EU, church, and global civil society. Begin your studies on Blackboard and continue them on site in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  This course features lectures by faculty from the prestigious Universidad de Belgrano.  Additional speakers include Argentinean diplomats and experts on Latin America.  Lecture locations include Universidad de Belgrano, the Argentine Council for International Affairs and the National Congress.  Lectures and presentations will be in English and Spanish.

Note: In addition to tuition, students also pay for their airfare, meals, admission to cultural programs, and housing.

For more information please contact the Study Abroad Office at or call 305-284-3434.