Vice President and Chief Compliance Officer

Rudolph Green

Academic Affairs – Accreditation/Program Controls

Dave Wiles


Ann House

Athletics Compliance

Jennifer Strawley
Craig Anderson


Todd Ellenberg

Enrollment Management/Financial Aid

Marco Sepulveda

Environmental Health and Safety

Ken Capezzuto

Ethics Advisory

Robin Fiore
Anita Cava

Facilities and Safety

Ruth Rubi

Faculty Affairs

Bill Tallman

Faculty Affairs – Medical

Daniel Armstrong

Financial Affairs - Budgetary

Aintzane Celaya-Garcia

Financial Affairs – Controller

Gabriel Eszterhas

General Counsel

Cindy Augustyn

Human Resources - Equality

Beverly Pruitt

Human Resources – Workforce Engagement - Training

Noema Perez

Information Security

Tim Ramsay

Audit & Advisory Services

Diane Spiller & David Richstone

International and Student Scholar Services


Student Affairs

Alex Mechaber

Medical Billing Compliance & HIPAA

Gemma Romillo

Planning, Institutional Research and Assessment


Registrar’s Office

Karen Beckett

Research – Conflict of Interest

Lory Hayes

Research – Research Integrity

Jerry Engel

Research Compliance – Animals/Stem Cells/DNA

Ellen Kapsalis

Research Compliance - Human Research

Johanna Stamates

Research Compliance – Medical Clinical Research

Rosalie Blunden

Research – Export Controls

Wendy Epley

Research Administration

Barbara Cole

Risk Management

Andrea Orange

Student Affairs

Gilbert Arias

University Compliance Services

Douglas Horr & Sheila Grangeiro