University of Miami

Student Usage Policy Agreement and Regulations


The following clarifications and additions to the campus policy apply to use of CaneNet, WirelessCanes and Dial-Up Canes services, collectively known as “Canenet”.  By utilizing CaneNet, WirelessCanes and/or Dial-Up Canes connections, you agree to abide by the terms outlined below:


1.       Canenet services and wiring may not be extended beyond the single network connection provided to each student.  Unless approved and provided by Telecommunications, no hubs, switches, routers and/or wireless access points may be used in the University of Miami network.  Retransmission or propagation of CaneNet services is prohibited without explicit permission.


2.       Students may not use the University of Miami network to provide Internet access or computer logon accounts to anyone outside the University community.


3.       Canenet services and wiring may not be modified or tampered with. This applies to all network wiring, hardware, and telephone/data jacks in the University of Miami campus.


4.       Many rooms in the residential colleges, student apartment area and fraternities have steel pipe running along the ceilings or other areas.  This conduit houses the wires for your voice and data connections.  It is very important that you do not hang any objects from these pipes.  The conduit is not designed to carry weight and could pull away from the wall, damaging the wires inside. Because of the necessities of wiring for high-speed communication, damaged wires cannot be repaired and instead must be replaced.


5.       If you setup a computer as a web server you are responsible for the content of the material provided by/located on your server. This includes space you make available to others for web pages, etc.  Please refer to the guidelines in the University of Miami’s World Wide Web Policies.


6.       Students who use Canenet services must comply with the guidelines in the Acceptable Use of Information Technology Resources by Students policy. 




If you are found in violation of any of these policies or in violation of any campus network policies, your network connection may be terminated without warning.  You will be subject to any applicable residence hall, university, or criminal sanctions. You may appeal any action through standard disciplinary channels.  The University of Miami reserves the right to disconnect you from the University of Miami network at its sole discretion if it deems such action necessary to protect the network or the University of Miami, if so ordered by a court of law; or if so ordered by someone at the University with authority.