MyUM Instructions for Student Network Access


The following steps are instructions you need to follow to get CaneNet and/or WirelessCanes access on your personal computer.


You may want to print these instructions for your reference.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your CaneID.  If you do not know your CaneID username, please click on 'First time using CaneID?'.
  3. Enter your CaneID password.  If you do not know your CaneID password, please click on 'Manage your CaneID account'.
  4. Students who have never registered for CaneNet or WirelessCanes before are given a CaneID default password that needs to be reset.
  5. After logging in to myUM, click on the top tab labeled “Life at UM'.
  6. In the Other Functions box at the bottom right, click on 'CaneNet Network Access'.
  7. Select Continue to go to the CaneNet Network Access Application webpage.
  8. In the Student Application for Network Access webpage, enter your MAC address for your Ethernet and/or wireless network card.
  9. Read the Student Usage Policy Agreement & Regulations and select the box agreeing to abide by the University's policies.
  10. Click on 'Submit Changes' to confirm your request.
  11. Click on the large 'Warning:' button to process your request.
  12. Wait a few minutes, and then reboot your computer for the changes to take effect.
  13. Login to CaneNet and/or WirelessCanes with your CaneID and your CaneID password (that you may have created in step 4).
  14. To change or reset your CaneID password, please click on the link

Click here to be redirected to myUM:


* CaneNet and WirelessCanes are only available to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate UM students in the Coral Gables campus.  For more information, please call our Help Desk at (305) 284-6565, option 1.