Frequently Asked Questions

What are CaneNet and WirelessCanes?

CaneNet and WirelessCanes are services provided by Telecommunications to currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students that provide Internet and campus network backbone connectivity to their personal computers, both on and off-campus.

Where do I begin if I want to access the Internet and campus network backbone using my own personal computer?

What is my CaneID?

Your CaneID is your username that you will authenticate against many Information Technology / Telecommunications systems, including CaneNet and WirelessCanes.  For more information, please click here.  To verify your CaneID username and/or change your CaneID password, please click here.

What is my MAC address and how do I find my MAC address?

Our online instructions explain the entire process.

I have set up my computer, but I cannot connect to anything on the Internet.   What is wrong?

  1. You can follow these online instructions to make sure your computer's network settings are setup properly as described in our documentation.
  2. If you have recently installed or changed your network interface card, make sure that the new MAC Address is inputted in the myUM system (as stated in step 1).
  3. If you are getting the login prompt, make sure you are putting in your CaneID and your CaneID password.
  4. If, after going through these steps, you are still experiencing problems, please contact the Telecommunications Help Desk at (305) 284-6565 option 1 or come in person with your computer to the CaneNet Connection @ Richter computer center to help troubleshoot your connection.

I got a message saying there was an “IP address conflict.”   What do I do?

Check your network settings and make sure your computer is setup to use DHCP as described in our online instructions.  Reboot your PC.  If you are correctly configured to use DHCP and are still getting an IP address conflict, then please contact the Telecommunications Help Desk at (305) 284-6565 option 1.