Internet Access for Students

The University of Miami Coral Gables campus provides Internet and UM network backbone access to students living both on campus and off campus.  This service provided by the Department of Telecommunications is collectively known as CaneNet.  Students with personal computers (desktops, laptops and PDAs) can connect to the Internet by the options below:

All Residential Colleges have Ethernet connectivity in their dorm rooms.  Students living in the dorms can access the Internet via CaneNet.

UM’s wireless network provides wireless LAN connectivity throughout the Coral Gables campus, including the student apartments and fraternities.  Students living in the on-campus student apartments or fraternities, and students with laptops (including commuter students) can access the Internet on-campus via WirelessCanes.

CaneNet and WirelessCanes are available to all currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students of the University of Miami.

For further information, please contact the IT Support Center at (305) 284-6565 option 1, or send an e-mail to