VPN Information

Faculty and Staff Virtual Private Network Service


CanesVPN is offered by Telecommunications to allow remote users to securely access the campus intranet from the Internet.  Due to security restrictions, most servers and systems are not accessible outside of the UM campus network.  Besides being on campus, such access would otherwise only be possible by using an expensive leased line solution.


CanesVPN provides UM faculty and staff, who have broadband access to the Internet from home (via DSL or cable modem), a secure network connection into the campus network. 


CanesVPN also provides UM faculty and staff on WirelessCanes a secure connection to servers and systems that are not accessible from within the wireless network.


To sign up for CanesVPN, please submit an IDR (InterDepartmental Requisition) to Telecommunications Help Desk, 1320 South Dixie Highway, Suite 280, Locator Code 2921.


After you are registered for CanesVPN, please click here to securely connect to the UM campus network from your home or remote computer or from your wireless laptop.


For further information on CanesVPN, please contact Telecommunications at (305) 284-6565 option 3, or send an e-mail to canenet@miami.edu.