Central Server Services


Central Server Services (CSS)

Telecommunications provides a cost-effective campus network connectivity and technical support service to faculty and staff of the University of Miami, Coral Gables campus known as Central Server Services (CSS).  This service allows departments to enhance or completely outsource their current computer technical support to the Department of Telecommunications at minimal cost.  Over 80 departments comprising approximately 1,900 end-users currently subscribe to CSS.


Advantages of Central Server Services

  • CSS Provides Connectivity to the Campus Network at Minimal Cost

Central Server Services minimizes the initial start-up costs required to join the Coral Gables Campus Network, offering secure and reliable access to data, print devices, email, mainframe services, and the WWW.  CSS also provides subscribers with a cost-effective support infrastructure that sustains day-to-day computing tasks.  Because CSS includes technical and administrative support, departments are able to focus precious staff resources on business operations specific to their traditional line of business.

  • CSS Provides Expert and Cost Effective Technical Support

Central Server Services has acquired and developed competent technical staff that is experienced with the many layers of technology comprising the constantly evolving campus network.  System administrators, project managers, and field technicians work closely to ensure that your migration to the campus network is smooth and successful.  CSS handles the initial design and implementation of your computing environment; thus, field technicians have an "insiders view" of your technical platform.  This gives them the insight necessary to troubleshoot and resolve problems more efficiently.

For information on Central Server Services, please call (305) 284-6565, option 1.