Having computer problems? We're here to help; just enter a trouble ticket, keeping in mind that trouble tickets are for problems that disrupt your daily routine of work. Our Techs are trained to handle: Hardware failure, software errors, peripheral errors, and network errors. Please reference our FAQ for information on when to submit trouble tickets and for fixes to common problems. Thank you.


How do I submit a trouble ticket?

What is the response time for Trouble Tickets?

  • Normal Trouble - 8 Hours
  • High Priority Trouble - 4 Hours
  • Urgent Trouble - 1 Hour
  • Note: Troubles are defined by the degree of damage it may cause a department's overall operation.

What is is the response time for Work Orders?

  • Normal Order - Within 5 Working days
  • Telecom Order - Within 10 Working days
  • Note: A Telecom order is defined as any service that would require a work order to the Department of Telecommunications. A majority of our normal orders are completed within the maximum working days.

What is the difference between a trouble ticket and work order?

  • Trouble Ticket - A problem that has disrupted your daily routine of work
  • Work Order - A new service you need or a service you need to have discontinued

What are the basic trouble tickets and work orders that users request?

  • Any of the following could be considered a trouble ticket:
  • Any application that is already installed that begins to lock up or receive an error
  • Hardware failure
  • Unable to print to your setup printer(s)
  • Peripherals begin to give errors or are not responding (fax, printer, copier, scanner, etc.)
  • Unable to access a network resource you previously had

Any of the following would be considered a Word Order:

  • Installation of new software onto machine
  • Installation of a new computer
  • Installation of any peripherals
  • New Central Server access (Telecom Order Response)
  • Networking need for office (Telecom Order Response)

Who will be serving our technical requests?

  • Technical Operations is staffed with Network Administrators, and Desktop Support specialists. Depending on your request and location, a specific support person will contact you.

Are we able to call Technical Operations for technical advice?

  • Yes. We're here to offer guidance or suggestions regarding any technological ideas you may want to implement in your department. Technical Operations will also provide you with the correct recommendation when purchasing new computers. Users have a tendency to ask personal advice for their home computers, which is fine unless it happens too frequently.

Are there any forms that need to be filled out when requesting access to network resources?

  • Yes. There is a list of forms on our Technical Operations webpage. There you'll find the PIDMS access form, RDS access form and CGCENT/ Exchange access form.

What do I do if am locked out of my account?

  • IT Security/Telecom manages all accounts (CGCENT, Mainframe, Document Imaging, etc.) Usually all accounts unlock after 30 minutes. There are some accounts for which you would need IT administrator assistance. Call Telecom at 8-6565 and they will direct you to someone who can help you.

What do i need to setup my new employee for the network?

  • The following forms will need to be filled out and faxed to 8-6321:
  • Email Form
  • PIDMS Access From
  • Once the forms have been faxed, submit a trouble ticket request or call us at 8-8605.

How long does it take for a new employee to receive access?

  • All new hires must be completed in the HR system. If they are not, the access request can take longer than expected. Below is the normal timeline for access:
  • Email accounts: 2 – 3 days for setup
  • PIDMS access: 24 hours
  • Central Server access: maximum of 10 business days