The best way to ensure a smooth return to UM is to keep in touch while you are away!  You are encouraged to email your Study Abroad advisor regularly while abroad. Before you leave, make sure your preferred mailing address on the UM Enrollment System is your permanent address, not your current UM (local) address.  Visit with any office you frequently deal with on campus to see if you can take care of any paperwork you might be expected to complete during the semester before you leave.  When you arrive and have settled in at the exchange institution, please send your overseas address, telephone, and e-mail to the Study Abroad office, the Office of Student Accounts, and the Office of Financial Assistance.

If you are a senior and plan to graduate while abroad, please make sure that you have filled out the Application for Diploma at the Office of Enrollment Services and meet with your academic advisor for a graduation credit check.

Financial Aid
If you have questions about your financial aid package you should meet with an advisor at the Office of Financial Assistance Services prior to departure.  You will be charged full UM tuition, so your aid package will not be affected. However, studying abroad will incur additional expenses for which you may wish to apply for aid. While overseas, if you have specific questions, you should contact the Office of Financial Assistance Services directly.

If you are abroad for the academic year or during the spring semester:
• Remember the deadline date to apply for financial aid for the fall will occur while you are abroad, so you will want to take care of as much as you can before you leave.
• Ensure that all of your mail is going to an address where it will be forwarded to you or handled by someone you trust. You can also apply on the web, but you will need your parents’ tax and asset information and their signatures. 

If you are expecting a refund from the University, you must complete the Student Authorization form, and submit it to the Office of Student Account Services with a voided check.  It is a fast, safe and reliable way to deposit your student overage into your own checking account.  You should complete this form even if you do not receive any financial aid in case you are due money back from the University.

If you are studying abroad during the fall or spring semester and intend to live on campus at UM when you return from your study abroad program, be mindful of the deadline dates for submitting your housing request:
• March 15 for Fall housing requests
• November 15 for Spring housing requests

The three components of the housing application (Application, Contract, $250 Deposit) must be done on MyUM by the deadline date in order for you to be guaranteed housing in the same building you were in when you were last in residence at UM.  Should you have any questions concerning the housing application while you are abroad you may email Kathy Batson who is the Manager for Student Assignments at

Health Insurance
You are required to have adequate health insurance that will cover you while abroad. You should first check with your current health insurance plan to see how it covers you while residing outside of the U.S. You may need to purchase additional coverage.  The plan that is available to UM students through the Student Health Center will cover you overseas.  If you have questions about the health insurance purchased through UM, you should contact the Student Health Center.

Additionally, the University of Miami requires that you have medical insurance for medical evacuation and repatriation of remains.  This coverage is included in the UM student health insurance.  If your personal policy does not have this coverage, you can purchase the coverage through the UM Student Health Center.

Registration from Abroad
While you are abroad, you will be entitled to pre-register for the next semester.  You may consult the courses schedule online at  Students in the College of Arts and Sciences can get a PIN on MyUM and register yourself if:
• You have taken more than 75 credits
• Have a 2.5 GPA or higher
• Have declared a major

Students in the College of Arts and Sciences who have taken 30 to 75 credits and meet the rest of the above criteria can contact Dean Rita Deutsch ( for a PIN.  Students in the School of Business must contact their academic advisor for a PIN, and Communications students can contact Barbro Vergara ( 
Students from other schools and colleges can send a course request via email to your Academic Advisor or Study Abroad advisor to be registered.  Remember that your Study Abroad advisor is not your academic advisor for your major, so we will not be able to tell you what you need to take.

Student Accounts
Full payment for the program is due before you depart.  In addition, before you leave UM, make sure that you do not have an outstanding balance on your student account.  Do you have any parking tickets?  Have you returned all your library books? Is your telephone bill paid?