Welcome Back!

Wow, what an experience!  You just picked up and escaped your comfort zone to spend a significant amount of time in a completely new place!  Wasn’t it great… and challenging/lonesome/scary/fun/exciting and so many other emotions that you can’t find any other word to describe it except AMAZING?

We get that.  Going away can be very emotional, in good ways, bad ways and all the ways in between.  Coming home can be just as conflicting.  Although we can’t teleport you back to Seoul or Buenos Aires, or wherever you had your life-changing experience, we can tell you that the rollercoaster of emotions you are currently riding is normal and, although your old friends and family may not get it, your fellow study abroad alumni do. 

Please take a few moments to read over the re-entry web pages and find out how you can connect with other study abroad alumni as well as new exchange students and future UM study abroad students.  Maybe you’ll find yourself having a European moment on Española Way on South Beach while sipping coffee with your new buddy from Denmark.  We hope you continue to be involved in study abroad and use your experience to help fellow students to figure out if study abroad is for them.  We have created the Global Ambassador program to help you do just that.  We also sponsor an annual photo contest so that you can share you best photos with the UM community.