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So you are interested in studying abroad.  Great!  We suggest you look through the following pages to get a good start on the process.  Another great resource is the downloadable Study Abroad Guide and Workbook. This will help you navigate the process of studying abroad at all stages of your search.
Getting Started will give you basic information about study abroad and how to begin the process.
Programs lets you browse or search through all of the programs available to you through the University of Miami Study Abroad Office.
You will Apply to your chosen program after you have found it in the Programs section of the site.

Incoming Exchange students can find information on how to apply on the Incoming Application page.

Accepted Students

Our Accepted Students pages will give you information on:
Preparing to Go Abroad
The Pre-Departure Orientations
Returning to UM

Returned Students

Our Returned Students pages will give you information on:
The Global Ambassador Program
The Media Contest
Returning to the U.S.
Giving to UM
Employers and Grad Schools

Incoming Exchange Students

Our Incoming Exchange Students Pages will give you information on:
The Incoming Application process
Preparing to Arrive
A List of Exchange Partners
UM Emergency Procedures
Incoming Exchange Frequently Asked Questions
Former Incoming Exchange Student Comments

University Trip Travel Registration

Students participating on other UM international programs are required to register their travel with the Office of Study Abroad.  For more information and how to access your registration account go to the Travel Registration page.