American University of Rome

The American University of Rome (AUR) is the oldest degree-granting American university in the city of Rome. With an undergraduate enrollment of approximately 500 students and the city of Rome as its classroom, it offers a broad array of courses and degrees in numerous areas of study, such as archaeology, art history, business (including business administration, business art, finance, the Italian business environment, international business, marketing and social marketing), classics, communication, English, film and digital media, fine arts, interdisciplinary studies, international relations and global politics, Italian studies, liberal studies, and the social sciences. Its educational goal is to prepare students from around the world to live and work across diverse cultures. Toward that end its courses seek to develop practical skills that can lead to successful careers and professions, draw on the rich instructional resources of Rome, enhance understanding of ethics and multiculturalism in society, and identify and address social issues of diversity. For more information about the American University of Rome, visit its website at