About the Program

The University of Miami’s URome program is unique in that it combines the breadth of the American University of Rome’s course offerings with two core courses taught by faculty members from the University of Miami. UM students pay regular UM tuition to participate in the program, plus the URome program fee, which covers housing. All financial aid, including scholarships and loans, is applicable as though students were studying in Coral Gables.

UM faculty will offer two three-credit courses in Rome. Students who participate in the URome program must take one of these courses and may take both. The courses are “All Roads Lead to Rome: A Multi-Disciplinary Approach to Religion and Rome” (REL 405) and “The Sanctity of Life: Selected Themes from the Ancient World to the Present” (REL 406). Each course carries three Religious Studies credits and is team-taught by faculty members from UM’s Department of Religious Studies and other UM departments.

In addition to taking one or both of the REL courses, UM students may take up to four courses from the curriculum offered by AUR, which emphasizes an interdisciplinary approach by drawing links among various fields of study. Students in International Relations, for instance, engage in the study of history, political theory, government, economics, law, and public administration as they focus on the regions of Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Middle East. The Business Studies program has an international focus with opportunities for students to explore the social and cultural ramifications of operating in a global economy. Archeology, Art History, Business Studies, and Italian Studies collaborate to offer programs in The Business of Art, Cultural Heritage Management, and The Italian Business Environment. As these examples illustrate, AUR has a holistic perspective that serves to integrate its course offerings and thus to afford students the opportunity to examine the same subject matter from a number of related perspectives.

Classes at AUR are held Monday-Thursday, giving students a three-day weekend to study, explore the city of Rome, and travel throughout Italy.

American University of Rome Excursions
AUR will sponsor three excursions during the spring semester of 2015: 1) a weekend in Tuscany visiting Pisa, Florence, and Trequanda; 2) Capri, Mount Vesuvius, Sorrento, and Pompeii; and 3) Assisi. These excursions, which are an optional additional expense, are available to UM and AUR students on a “first come, first served” basis. In addition to the four AUR excursions, UM sponsors a trip to Bologna and a tour of the Vatican. The two UM-sponsored trips as well as the group dinners with the faculty are included as part of the tuition cost.  For more information click here.