Latin American Political Economy: Andean Economics, Cuzco & Machu Picchu
Professor Richard Weisskoff
Program Dates: March 11 - 18, 2012
Spring Break

This course is designed for the fearless traveler, explorer and investigator of the Andes, Our goal is to understand more of the Andean challenge to survival: the ecological differences, the steepness of the slopes, the paucity of arable top soil, and seasonality of the water supply and the unpredictability of the EI Nino disturbances and their disastrous consequences, Nevertheless, Inca society flourished, indeed, conquered vast regions, What was its economic basis? Can any of those practices be rehabilitated and utilized today?

Our trip is designed to investigate village and city life where some of the age-old practices are still utilized, and in some cases, integrated with modern technology, We shall meet with Quechua-speaking villagers and work with them, if possible, for one day, We shall travel to Machu Picchu, a fully restored and exquisitely preserved spectacular site, The historical museums in Cuzco also offer extensive “glass-case” but fascinating exhibits, and when we are the field, we hope to see the “living” version of farming, textile making, home construction, and terracing.

Tentative Schedule

Sunday, March II:Class begins at noon, at the Imperial Palace Hotel, Cuzco. Students arriving Lima must fly or bus to Cuzco, arriving by Sunday noon. Prof. Weisskoff and his assistant will have been situated there already. We will meet our guide, who has already led three U, Miami tours in the region, Mr. Huyra “Edison” Carbajal. We will begin with a walking tour of the city and then travel by public bus up the valley to the fortress at Sacksaywayman.
Monday, March 12: Visit to the National History Museum, and textile and handicraft workshops.
Tuesday, March 13: Visit to Tierra Productiva and a nearby village which mixes Inca and modern technologies.
Wednesday-Thursday, March 14/15: Travel to Machu Picchu by public bus to Aguas Calientes, staying overnight in order to be on site at Machu Picchu at dawn on Thursday. Return on last train back to Cuzco.
Friday, March 16: Visit to we visit the extraordinary site of Moray, which is thought to have served as an agricultural experiment station for the Inca Empire. Visit to the terraces of Pisaq.
Saturday, March 17: Urban walks in Cuzco.
Sunday, March 18: Depart Cuzco for Lima and then Miami.

Courses (3 undergraduate or graduate credits):
INS 522
Open to students of all majors.

About the Leaders:
Prof. Weisskoff has led three courses to Peru. All have visited Machu Picchu. This is the first course totally centered on Cuzco and the Andes region, and we are assisted by our professional relationships in Lima and Cuzco built up over the years that Prof. Weisskoff has been associated with Peru (since 1977). This trip will be assisted by Ms. Liz Weintraub, a grad student in ECS, who is a veteran of 5 visits to Peru with Engineers without Borders, including a grant this past summer. She will help manage the trip, as she is an ex pelt hiker as well veteran manager for the Engineers without Borders trips.

Program Costs:
Program costs are TBD. Students should budget, though, for the following costs:

  • Accommodations
  • Entrance fees and tours
  • Local transportation
  • Meals

The following are not included in the above fee. Students are also responsible for:

  • $4,800 for 3 credits of tuition
  • Return Airfare
  • Passport fee
  • Personal expenses during the program
  • Anything not specifically mentioned above

Please budget for these additional expenses. The estimated fees do not include independent travel outside of the program.

To Apply: submit the Application for UM Courses Abroad to Allen Hall room 111. Application must be signed by the instructor or email approval must be attached to application.

Deadline: Applications are accepted on a rolling basis until February 1.

Contact: For more information, contact Prof. Richard Weisskoff at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address), or Erica Moussa at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).