Want to talk to a student who has already studied abroad? Below is a list of the Global Ambassadors who have studied abroad and are familiar with all UM Study Abroad programs. Feel free to contact them via email if you have questions about a particular program or just want to ask about the study abroad experience in general.

Lauren Ruben – Global Ambassador Coordinator
Hometown: Overland Park, KS
Major/Minor: Marketing
Year in School: Junior
Experience Abroad: UPrague, Czech Republic (2013)
Hobbies/Activities: Special Olympics, Delta Sigma Pi, Kappa Kappa Gamma, running, playing tennis, photography, fashion, baking, graphic design, learning new languages

Faris Ashouri
Hometown: Miami, FL
Major/Minor: Political Science/Economics
Year in School: Junior
Experience Abroad: National University of Singapore, Singapore (Spring 2013)
Hobbies/Activities: basketball, racquetball, traveling, MSUM

Nina Ball
Hometown: Boulder, CO
Major/Minor: Biology/Health Sector Management and Policy, Chemistry
Year in School: Junior
Experience Abroad: UGalapagos (Fall 2013)
Hobbies/Activities: hiking, camping, running, adventuring, swimming, kayaking, climbing

Michael Bernard
Hometown: Naples, FL
Major/Minor: Mechanical Engineering
Year in School: Junior
Experience Abroad: UCapeTown, South Africa (Spring 2013)
Hobbies/Activities: watching sports, playing sports, reading about sports

Kathryn Braddock
Hometown: Melbourne, FL
Major/Minor: Biology and Anthropology/History
Year in School: Junior
Experience Abroad: UGalapagos, Ecuador (2013)
Hobbies/Activities: Traveling, Alpha Phi Omega, Phi Sigma Pi, volunteering, meeting new people

Christian Gorham
Hometown: Rota, Spain/Hawthorn Woods, IL
Major/Minor: International Studies and Geography/German and Economics
Year in School: Junior
Experience Abroad: Free University of Berlin (Summer 2013), lived in Italy and Spain
Hobbies/Activities: Cnematic Arts Commission, Band of the Hour, IEP Conversation Program

Isik Kural
Hometown: Istanbul, Turkey
Major/Minor: Engineering/Computer Engineering
Year in School: Junior
Experience Abroad: Sibelius Academy (Fall 2013)
Hobbies/Activities: music, DJ in radio, films

Maura Lapoff
Major/Minor: Neuroscience/Chemistry and Arabic Studies
Year in School: Junior
Experience Abroad: Koc University, Turkey Spring and Summer 2013
Hobbies/Activities: Traveling

Alicia Lasaga
Hometown: Delray Beach, FL
Major/Minor: Math/Chemistry and Anthropology
Year in School: Junior
Experience Abroad: UIndia (Spring 2013)
Hobbies/Activities: dancing, tae kwon do, traveling, volunteering, baking, RAK Vice President

Steven Levine
Hometown: Chicago, IL
Major/Minor: Mechanical Engineering/Mathematics
Year in School: Junior
Experience Abroad: University of Technology, Sydney (Fall 2013)
Hobbies/Activities: playing sports, playing guitar, watching sports, being outdoors, and watching Disney movies.

Maxwell Okunola
Hometown: Stone Mountain, GA
Major/Minor: Neuroscience/Chemistry
Year in School: Senior
Experience Abroad: Chinese University of Hong Kong Fall 2013
Hobbies/Activities: Kungfu; racquetball; African Students Union; Intervarsity Christian Fellowship; South Miami Hospital Volunteer; board games; hanging out with friends and family

Andres Talero
Hometown: Bogota, Colombia
Major/Minor: Geological Science
Year in School: Sophomore
Experience Abroad: Lived in Bogota, Colombia for six years
Hobbies/Activities: running, kayaking, mountain biking

Kaitlyn Warren
Hometown: Dover, TN
Major/Minor: Biology and Classics/Chemistry
Year in School: Junior
Experience Abroad: Prospective UGalapagos or UPrague participant
Hobbies/Activities: STRIVE, Art for Kids, Undergraduate TA for BIL 151, Workshop Leader for BIL 150, Reading, Drawing

Audrey Winkelsas
Hometown: Apopka, FL
Major/Minor: Biochemistry/Journalism
Year in School: Junior
Experience Abroad: Queen Mary, University of London (Fall 2013)
Hobbies/Activities: singing, volunteering, traveling, writing, research at the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis