Want to talk to a student who has already studied abroad? Below is a list of former study abroad students who have volunteered to talk to perspective students about study abroad.  Feel free to email, call or look them up on facebook if you have questions about a particular program or just want to ask about the study abroad experience in general.

Name Country Program Address Number Semester Abroad
Natalia Yepes Argentina San Andres 786-308-8023 Spring 2008
Olga Karounos Argentina Universidad del Salvador   Spring 2013
Vittoria Constantino Argentina Universidad del Salvador   Fall 2010
Kelly Naughton Argentina Universidad del Salvador   Fall 2011
Martha Rodriguez Argentina Universidad Torcuato di Tella   Spring 2011
Christine Shepard Australia Griffith University Fall 2010
Michelle Hempen Australia James Cook University 815-404-0098 Spring 2010
Justin McClintock Australia University of Sydney 561-827-5878 Spring 2009
Sara Boatti Australia Monash University Fall-Spring 09-10
Keith Johns Australia Murdoch University 305-987-3709 Fall 2010
Stephanie Ragland Australia Wollongong 720-308-5139 Spring 2009
 Rebecca Ressl Australia Flinders 847-848-1805 Summer 2008
Rachel Tucker Australia University of Sydney 651-707-4133 Spring 2009
Sharonda Scott Brazil PUC-RIO 305-799-7852 Fall 2010
Aubrey Stutzman Brazil PUC-RIO 941-374-3460 Spring 2010
Kristina Rosales Brazil PUC-RIO Spring 2009
Carrie Prestwood-Taylor Canada McGill University Fall 2008
Sergio Giro Chile P U Catolica de Chile 786-370-7781 Spring 2013
Grace Slawski Chile P U Catolica de Chile Spring 2013
Alejandro Hernandez Chile P U Catolica de Chile 786-281-6308 Fall 2010
Ellen Oshinsky Chile P U Catolica de Chile Spring 2010
Jill Ulrich Chile P U Catolica de Chile 816-835-2457 Fall 2010
Marissa Wong Chile Universidad Diego Portales Fall 2011
Natalie Stein China CUHK 973-979-2961 Spring 2009
Rebecca Ressl Costa Rica Organization of Tropical Studies 847-848-1805 Summer 2007
Adam McCormick Czech Republic Uprague 410-533-5322 Spring 2009
Erin Kelly Czech Republic Uprague Spring 2009
Nina Markowitz Denmark Copenhagen 914-715-0834 Spring 2009
Nina Ball Ecuador UGalapagos Fall 2013
Rachel McKean Ecuador UGalapagos Fall 2013
Keith Hanson Ecuador UGalapagos 914-708-7110 Spring 2013
Mia Iwane Ecuador UGalapagos 808-351-5320 Spring 2013
Halie OFarrell Ecuador UGalapagos Spring 2013
Rachel Pausch Ecuador UGalapagos Spring 2013
Charline Quenée Ecuador UGalapagos Spring 2013
Amanda Tinoco Ecuador UGalapagos 786-253-8658 Spring 2013
Jeremy Klavans England Queen Mary of London Fall 2010
Hunter Smith England Queen Mary of London 703-403-6194 Spring 2010
Kate Perri England University of Kent Fall & Spring 09-10
Christie Thomas England Sussex 407-928-7224 Fall 2007
Aimee Beckwith England Lancaster Spring 2008
Marvin Alfaro England University of East Anglia 631-972-7066 Fall 2009
Claudia Briceno England University of Westminster 305-613-3596 Spring 2010
Christie Sundberg France MICEFA 203-494-8549 Spring 2009
Jenessy Rodriguez France MICEFA
Brittany Metzler Germany Mannheim Spring 2010
Sydney Turnbull Germany Mannheim 518-844-1494 Fall 2008
Alison Elizabeth Thompson  Iceland Reykjavik
Jennifer Riley Ireland Maynooth .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) Spring 2010
Brendan Smith Ireland Maynooth Spring 2010
Jeremy Altman Israel U Galilee Semester 786-201-9997 Spring 2010
Nicole Cassinera Israel U Galilee Semester 786-223-4310 Spring 2010
Nicholas Bill Israel U Galilee Semester 240-446-8605 Spring 2010
Deanna Mavis Italy Sacro Coure 215-353-6317 Spring 2011
Ivette Figueroa Japan Sophia Spring 2009
Liz Lineal Mexico Monterrey 813-735-0782 Spring 2009
Chirag Gheewala Mexico Monterrey 516-306-6661 Spring 2009
Jennifer Verdon Monaco Monaco Spring 2010
Colin Fitzgibbon Peru UCusco Spring 2013
Mackenzie Sheldon Peru UCusco Spring 2013
Shaun Forbes Scotland University of Edinburgh 386-341-0223 Fall 2010
Robert Murstein Scotland University of Glasgow 561-706-4148 Spring 2010
Aaron Kaplan Singapore NUS Spring 2009
Tim Hulsker Spain Alicante 408-480-5276 Fall 2009
Brian McMahon Spain Alicante 412-571-0751 Spring 2009
Joy Ambler Spain Alicante 904-534-6671 Spring 2009
Mike Van Genderen Spain Alicante 305-423-9719 Spring 2009
Andrew Stiles Spain Alicante 301-219-6691 Spring 2010
Pallavi Pal Spain Alicante Spring 2011
Raul Velarde Spain Cantabria Spring 2012
Corey Lopez-Blanco Spain Granada 786-473-2080 Spring 2013
Natasha Esteves Spain Granada 786-556-5539 Spring 2008
Chase Hamann Spain Granada Spring 2009
Stephanie Levine Spain Nebrija 786-335-8359 Spring 2009
Diana Botros Spain Nebrija Spring 2011
Kim Milner Spain Sevilla Spring 2013
Patrick Azcarate Spain Sevilla Spring 2011
Kim Stanton Spain UP Comillas 954-261-0469 Fall 2011
Meghan Lane Spain UP Comillas 215-847-2082 Spring 2010
Erica Steinmiller Spain UP Comillas Spring 2010
Lisa Jimenez Spain U P de Valencia Spring 2010
Dunia Capdevila Switzerland University of Lausanne Spring 2010
Andrew Szarejko Turkey Koc University   Spring 2011
Cristina Laramee United States Semester in Washington 854-448-3199 Spring 2010
Alec Rivera United States Semester in Washington 301-247-3011 Fall & Spring 09-10