Deciding to study abroad is the hardest part.  Here, there are several steps you can take to make your study abroad a reality.

1.Keep up to date with UM Study Abroad via our Facebook Page.

2.Think about the kind of study abroad program you want to participate in. UM offers several types of study abroad programs. Early planning is required.  Click here to go the programs webpage.

UM Semester-on-Location programs:  UM offers four premier programs where a group of UM students studies together at an overseas institution for one semester: URome in Italy, UPrague in the Czech Republic, UGalapagos in Ecuador, UCape Town in South Africa, UCusco in Peru, and UIndia.

Semester exchange programs:  You can study for a semester or academic year at one of our partner universities overseas.  You would be considered an exchange student and have access to most of the curriculum offered at the host institution.  There are many options available in English as well as in the target foreign language.

Faculty-led programs:  UM professors lead groups of students overseas, usually teaching one or two courses over a period of one to six weeks.  There are courses available during the summer, January intersession, and spring break.

Summer Direct Enroll programs: In a direct-enroll summer program, you enroll in summer classes at one of our partner or affiliated universities.

3. Research your program options
Our website is a great tool to research the available options.  You may also want to attend our study abroad fairs or talk to a peer mentor.

4. Meet with your academic advisor
Make sure to inform your academic advisor of your plans to study abroad.  He or she can provide you with information about your remaining graduation requirements and help you determine which classes you should take while you are studying abroad.  This is important so that you can graduate on time! You can use the Course Equivalency Form to establish how courses taken abroad can apply to your program of study.

5. Meet with a Study Abroad advisor
After you have looked at the information on the website, call us at 305-284-3434 or email us at to make an appointment to meet with an advisor to discuss your options.  We can help you decide which program will be the best academic fit for you and help you determine if the program suits your personal preferences.  Some programs are very competitive; therefore, you should state a second choice when you are completing the application.

6. Talk to past participants
A list of past participants who are willing to talk to prospective students is available at the link to the right of this webpage.  Students returning from abroad are eager to share their experiences with you and give you advice about studying abroad.  Many students tell us that talking to previous participants was one of the most beneficial steps in preparing to study abroad.

7. Apply to your program
UM offers a variety of programs to fit students’ different interests and requirements. Please find the Study Abroad program for which you would like to apply and initiate an application through the program’s online brochure page. Once you have initiated the application, you will be directed to your My StudyAbroad page where you can get updates and complete other requirements of your application. The requirements of the programs vary based on the length and type of program. Once you have initiated an application, please refer to your My StudyAbroad page for the application requirements.

8.  When you are ready, you can find more information about the details of your departure to the host location in our Preparing to Go Abroad page.