UM Faculty-Led Courses Abroad

Each year, University of Miami faculty members lead groups of students on short-term study abroad programs. These Faculty-led programs allow students to have the study abroad experience while taking UM courses with UM faculty. These programs can be offered during the January Intersession, Spring Break, or Summer sessions. Interested professors should contact the Study Abroad office at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

We have put together this comprehensive program development guide to aid you in the planning and proposal of a UM Course Abroad.

Faculty members who are interested in directing a program abroad should refer to the following publications and submit the necessary documents by the stated deadlines. 

Intent to Propose Form
The Intent to Propose form should be submitted prior to the program proposal form.  The Intent to Propose form will provide preliminary information that will allow the Study Abroad Office to advertise programs sooner and more effectively.  The deadline to submit this form is June 15.

Program Proposal Form

Budget Planning Form

Safety and Security Checklist

Restricted Country Travel Authorization Form

Proposal Deadlines
September 15th, 2017 for 2018 January Intersession, Spring Break, and Summer programs

Faculty Workshops
Faculty members whose proposals are approved are required to attend the Faculty Workshop held at the beginning of the Spring Semester.  Failure to attend a workshop will disallow the running of the program.

Approvals, Recommendations, and Evaluations

Faculty and staff will be receiving electronic requests for participation approval, recommendations, and foreign language evaluations.  All students participating on exchange and direct-enroll programs must receive approval from their academic advisor to participate.  Students on these programs also must have two written recommendations on file as part of their application. Recommendations go over and above the advisor approval as they are used to evaluate the student’s potential for success on a program. The language evaluation is in place to help assure that students are able to meet the specific language-competency related demands of a particular program. The electronic process is intended to reduce paperwork and make the study abroad application process more streamlined for students, faculty and staff at the University of Miami. For detailed instructions on responding to at response request, please click: Detailed Instructions.

Faculty or Administrators Planning Other International University Trips Involving Students

If you are planning on traveling with students on a University Trip or authorizing students to travel on a University Trip please be aware of and abide by the following procedures no later than four weeks prior to the commencement of the program abroad:

  • Familiarize yourself with the Faculty with Students International Travel Policy.
  • Inform Grant Cutler .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) in the Study Abroad office of the following important information:
    • The name(s) of the Faculty or Staff members accompanying the students abroad (or authorizing the travel of any unaccompanied students)
    • If applicable the College or School authorizing the Trip
    • Purpose of the Trip
    • Location: City(ies), Country(ies)
    • Start and end dates of the Trip
    • Names, UM IDs (C-numbers), and UM email addresses of the students participating on the Trip
  • When the University Trip has been set up in the registration system, you will receive an email from Grant Cutler notifying you that your students now have access to the registration documents and requirements.
  • Inform students that they are required to complete the travel registration process with the study abroad office via the Travel Registration section of the Study Abroad Website.
    • Once students have initiated the process they will have access to a list of the required information sheets and forms through their My StudyAbroad page.
    • These forms must be downloaded, completed, and electronically submitted by the students.
    • Students must have completed the requirements at least two weeks prior to the Trip’s departure. Please ensure that you have reported the trip in adequate time so that the students are able to complete the requirements in a timely fashion.
  • Be aware of and follow all University of Miami International Travel Registration Policies regarding student travel abroad.
    • Inform students who are U.S. citizens of the requirement that they must register their trip individually with the U.S. State Department at, and remind non-U.S. citizens to contact the embassy or consulate of their country of citizenship for procedures to register their trip abroad if such services are available.
    • Ensure that students on your program have registered all legs of their travel with red24 and are compliant with the University’s Student International Travel Policy.
    • Faculty and staff accompanying the students should also register with red24.
  • Risk Management must be notified of all travel to foreign countries on the U.S. Department of State’s travel warning list or any trips to countries with United States embargoes and sanctions four weeks prior to departure.  A current listing of countries with travel warnings may be obtained by following the link:
  • Student Health
    • Direct students to the travel medicine information on the  Student Health Service website.
    • If you are providing any written materials or advice about travel medicine, contact the Student Health Center at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) prior to sharing this information.
  • Print out the following brochure Chartis Travel Guard and take two copies of the card on page 2 take along with you on the Trip.