Plus One Scholarship

June 26, 2015 —

University of Miami – Plus One Scholars
Deadline: October 9, 2015

The Plus One Scholarship is a program of educational enrichment that offers University of Miami undergraduates a tuition-free year or semester beyond the normal number of years required to complete an undergraduate degree. The program’s single purpose is to give you the opportunity to broaden and expand your learning and study subjects your degree requirements and other academic commitments may preclude.

The Plus One Scholarship is solely for enrichment and may include study abroad. Plus One courses may not be used to satisfy degree, major, minor, cognate, certificate, pre-professional, and/or other credentialing requirements of any sort.
To be eligible for consideration:

1) You must have completed 30 credits at UM

2)  You must have at least one semester of coursework still to complete to satisfy your degree requirements.  The application must be submitted before the start of the final semester of coursework.

3) You must demonstrate that you can complete all your degree requirements (major, minor, cognate, certificate, pre-professional, and other credentialing requirements, etc) without the Plus One program.

4) You must show that you will have completed required number of credits to graduate at the end of four years (or five years in the case of the School of Architecture).

5) During you Plus One semester or year, you must be enrolled full-time.

Visit the Plus One web page for more information and application requirements:

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