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Reporting an Incident

  1. If your computer is not operating properly, first contact your department’s network/system administrator to rule out the possibility of hardware, software, or network problems.  If you are unsure who this is, call 305-284-6565.

  2. If the issue is determined to be security related, the network/system admin should report it to the IT Security Office immediately.

  3. To report the problem, please follow the guidelines to the right, and include in the subject Security Incident - High Priority.  This information should be sent to

Incident Reporting Guidelines

  1.  Is the site/server/desktop currently under attack?  Are you reporting a past incident?  Are you reporting repeated incidents that are still unresolved?

  2. Provide the computer’s IP address.  Describe the nature of the problem to the best of your ability.  Include the date/time of discovery, how the incident was detected, the dureation, impact (loss/compromise of data, system downtime, damage to the systems, etcetera).  If resolved, explain steps taken and who was contacted/involved.

  3. Copy/paste e-mail message headers, activity logs showing the suspicious or offensive activity.  Do not modify the files in any way.

  4. Provide your name, title, department, and phone number.