Registration Schedule

Undergraduate Students Spring Semester 2016

Date Scheduled Groups
Monday, November 9
Senior special groups and students with 100 credits or more
Tuesday, November 10
Seniors, Junior special groups and students with 80 to 99 credits
Wednesday, November 11
Students with 60 to 79 credits
Thursday, November 12
Sophomore special groups and students with 40 to 59 credits
Friday, November 13
Students with 30 to 39 credits
Monday, November 16
Freshmen special groups and students with 20 to 29 credits
Tuesday, November 17
Students with 1 to 19 credits
Wednesday, November 18
Students with 0 credits
Thursday, November 19
Students with 0 credits
Friday, November 20
No scheduled appointments

Credits include total number of earned credits. It does not include credits in which you are currently enrolled.

Graduate students can register at any time starting Monday, November 9