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Applying for Inactive Status

Undergraduate degree seeking students who are leaving the university but who have every intention of returning are encouraged to apply for Inactive status. Inactive status qualifies students who are eligible to return to the university with the following benefits intact: university-based scholarships, academic requirements, eligibility to qualify for on-campus residence and course registration priority. New freshmen and new transfer students are not eligible for inactive status.

Other Enrollment Options

Students planning to study abroad or participate in a term-based academic program offered through another college or university, or through an organization, should consider applying for Non-UM status as an alternative to Inactive Status. Pre-approved coursework through Non-UM programs allow academic credits earned through such programs to be considered for credit toward degree work at the University of Miami, the participant remains enrolled at the University of Miami.

* Students may utilize inactive status for a maximum of 2 semesters.Students wishing to apply for “Inactive” status are required to re-apply for this status the second semester. If a student does not reapply, and subsequently misses a major semester, he/she will have to go through the readmission process.


Related Inactive Status Issues

International Students

Your SEVIS record will be closed if you are not enrolled for academic courses. Please contact the 'Office of International Admission' at least three months prior to re-enrolling for academic courses at the University of Miami in order to have a new SEVIS record opened and to obtain a new Form I-20/DS-2019.

Health Insurance

All students contemplating “Inactive Status” should review their insurance coverage prior to change in status, and should seek alternative coverage if they are no longer eligible for their current health insurance.

Students covered under their parent’s plan should check with their insurance company or their parent’s employer to determine eligibility rules.  Employer plans have varying rules considering coverage of dependents which may include age limitations and enrollment for a specific number of credits as eligibility criteria.  Those who will no longer be eligible for their current coverage should seek alternative coverage well in advance of their change in status, and should understand that pre-existing condition clauses may be evoked with lapses in coverage.

Students covered under the Student Health Service sponsored plan will be affected differently at different times in school year.  Students with annual coverage (August 15 to August 14th) remain insured for the entire year as long as they maintained eligibility during the Fall Semester. Students with Spring/Summer coverage remain covered from January to August if they remained eligible during the Spring Semester. Summer coverage ends August 14th and will not automatically carry over to the next year for “Inactive Students”

Students seeking “Inactive Status” who are not otherwise insured via continued coverage from a prior semester will not automatically be eligible for coverage for their “Inactive” semester but may be eligible for alternative coverage under certain situations.  Additional information is available from the Student Health Service staff at studenthealth@miami.edu.

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